APRIL 17-19

As we continue to monitor the effects of COVID-19 and seek to follow government guidelines about social distancing and group gatherings we have made the decision to NOT cancel DNOW 2020. But we decided to change the way we do DNOW. 

Thank you for registering for DNOW 2020. We will be kicking things off tomorrow night and I fully believe that God is going to work in big ways through the worship sessions, family groups, and service projects. 


The pre-recorded worship sessions will be available to view here at cbcamericus.org/dnow. Our youth worship band will be leading in worship through music and Sky Pratt, Missions Pastor at Prince Avenue Baptist Church and former Student Pastor at Central, will be leading us in worship through the Word of God. 

As a part of one of the Worship Sessions Sky encourages us to watch a video call "Tears of the Saints" you can view that video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtQbzRmmMfk


There will be family group questions provided for each worship session. These questions are availible here as a PDF. Please make sure to go over them together following each Worship Session. 


One group that has been most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic is the older adults in nursing facilites.  With this in mind, we are challenging DNOW family groups to live out what they are learing about living on mission by encourating the residence and staff of Magnolia Manor

There are 3 options of ways you can serve

  • Visit -We have been given permission by Magnolia Manor to visit residence from the outside of the building looking into their rooms. I have attached a site map of the area that you can visit. You are encouraged to pray with them sing them songs, write them letters or color pictures and tape them to their window. You could even just go by and wave them. These residents are currently unable to have any visitors so your presence is sure to brighten their day.  
  • Write Encouraging Letter- Many of the residents aren't allow visitors right now so an encouraging letter goes a long way to show them that God and His people have not forgotten them. You can write them an encouraging letter including a favorite Bible verse. You can mail or drop them off at the church (190 Upper River Road) following DNOW and we will have them delivered to the most lonely residents. 
  • Give a Care Package- Not only are the residents under greater stress and strain during this time but the caregivers are also hurting amidst the COVID-19 crisis. To help show the love of Jesus you can send them an encouraging letter and include some items that may bless them during this time like snacks, candy, gum, or even gift cards. These care packages can be dropped off at the church following DNOW and we will make sure they get those in most need.  


The schedule this year is going to be more loose than usual since we are using the online format. Here is the recommended schedule. 

Day 1 (4/17/20)

Worship Session 1- Friday evening following dinner. 

Family Group Session 1- Immediately following Worship Sesssion 1

Day 2 (4/18/20)

Worship Session 2- Saturday morning after breakfast

Family Group Session 2- Immediately following Worship Session 2

Service Project- Sometime after lunch but before dinner

Worship Session 3- Saturday evening following dinner. 

Family Group Session 3- Immediately following Worship Session 3

Please fell free to contact Kevin Anglin with any questions that you might have pertaining to the weekend. If streaming the sessions is not possible for you let me knwo and I can provide a link where you can download the sessions. Cell (334)787-0766 email kevinanglin@gmail.com



  • Email: kevinanglin@gmail.com
  • Cell: (334)787-0766

sessions will be uploaded to the media player below on the day of the session. 

DNOW 2020 Sessions